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  • Lightning & Deco
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    Ideal for reading in bed or on your couch, in the dark, without tiring or deteriorating your eyes. Strap it around your head and you're good to go ! It has 3 lighting modes for 3 different intensities. IP44 Waterproof, it can also be used outdoors. Battery operated.

    5,90 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    16,99 € In Stock

    LED Tube T5 Grow Red/Blue 4.8 W, with diffuser transparent is specially designed for the cultivation of indoor plants and greenhouses.

    16,99 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    48,99 € In Stock

    LED panel with 10W output power designed for the hydroponics and indoor greenhouses. Helps to stimulate the growth of plants and flowering without the need of the sun, and emitting in a continuous way, no stress for the plant. Has 225 LED, 165 red and 60 blue), thereby achieving a flux of 380 lumens and a wavelength of 450 nm with blue LED's and 660nm...

    48,99 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    47,99 € In Stock

    The LED Panel 30X30cm Grow 14W is specially designed for the cultivation of indoor plants and greenhouses.

    47,99 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    62,99 € In Stock

    The LED Panel 30X30cm Grow 45W is specially designed for the cultivation of indoor plants and greenhouses.

    62,99 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    184,99 € In Stock

    Spot LED Grow Red/Blue 136W of power with aluminum case white, specific for the culture of plants, indoor and greenhouse.

    184,99 €
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  • Nature & Healthiness
    261,99 € In Stock

    The Spot LED Grow Red/Blue 209W power is specific to the culture of plants, indoor and greenhouse.

    261,99 €
    In Stock
  • Nature & Healthiness
    307,99 € In Stock

    Spot LED Grow Red/Blue 278W power with aluminum case white, specific for the culture of plants, indoor and greenhouse.

    307,99 €
    In Stock
  • Nature & Healthiness
    762,99 € In Stock

    Light for the growth of crops / plants 'Bell linear Grow PRO CREE is the lighting solution ideal for the replacement of lamps high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH).

    762,99 €
    In Stock
  • Nature & Healthiness
    9,90 € In Stock

    This white LED light makeup mirror will help you create beautiful makeup but also enjoy the ideal light and brightness.

    9,90 €
    In Stock
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LED or light-emitting diode lighting has great advantages over traditional lighting, regarding lifespan for one thing. It is particularly indicated for light therapy.

Our LED lamps for light therapy have become a real helping solution since recent discoveries that have reported a better receptivity to blue light by the internalclock, a light very well ouput by LED lighting. LED technology is designed to fight against stretch marks, acne, alopecia as well as various disorders of the biological clock and circadian rhythm. The action of the LED light therapy lamp on skin problems actively affects the skin repair process. Thus, controlled exposure will boost collagen production and inhibit collagenase and hyaluronidase.

This therapeutic light also helps fight against the gloom and the energy loss in winter. Our LED therapeutic lamps are certified without UV and without flicker.

We also propose a dawn simulator alarm clock that triggers at a predetermined time of the day. However, hearing is not the only sense involved. By simulating a sunrise with a progressive light that gains intensity for at least half an hour, the dawn simulator also plays on the particular sensitivity of our body to daylight, to stop the secretion of the sleep hormone.

Contrary to what is sometimes conveyed, the intensity of the natural light emitted by our luminous alarm clock is several times lower than that of the white light recommended in light therapy to fight against winter blues, chronic fatigue, benign dermatoses and jet lag. However, simulated natural light at low intensity has proven its worth for a tonic wake up that leaves no room for torpor.

Also find all our LED horticultural lamps that will allow you to grow plants indoors, with a simple to use and powerful solution. These horticultural bulbs are perfect for small spaces, from cuttings to flowering. Featuring a premium lens to optimize the lighting area. It is a perfect LED lighting system for crops in a small indoor area.

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ampoule led haute puissance pour feux de croisement et route au toprien a redire pour le moment

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Ampoule led

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