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Careful : the following terms of sale only apply to french laws, and if you are resident of Metropolitan France.

Terms of Sales


The company PLANETELEDS, a limited liability company in the legal form SAS with a capital of 50 000 Euros, registered with the RCS de Evry at the reference 520 632 399 00033, whose head office is located at 18 rue Pierre and Marie Curie- 77380 Combs la Ville - France, markets its products under the name PLANETELEDS and publishes the PLANETELEDS.FR website, whose main Internet address is: WWW.PLANETELEDS.FR (hereinafter referred to as "the Site").
PLANETELEDS, through its Website, has an online Electronic Equipment sales activity. This activity therefore proposes a list of products classified in categories with a range of a multitude of types and quantities.
"The Customer" is defined as a user, having a functional email address, natural person or representative of a legal person, professional or individual, with the necessary means to use the products offered and which he will make his business and bear the costs inherent, in particular and without limitation or that it is necessary to have all of these elements: computer in working condition, with an internet connection and an internet browser capable of to connect to the PLANETELEDS.FR site in encrypted and unencrypted HTTP protocol, of a system of consultation of his electronic mail, of current office software (word processor, spreadsheet, viewer of pdf file, extractor of files in compressed format) , a printer, as well as any software necessary for the security of its Internet browsing (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, ...).
The present general conditions of sale on line govern the contractual relations between PLANETELEDS and its Customer, within the framework of a system of distance selling, the two parts accepting them without reserve. These conditions are available online at the main address mentioned below, and will prevail on any other reproduction media.
The Customer declares to have read the following provisions before ordering the products. By choosing to acquire products, the Customer expressly and irrevocably accepts the terms set out below.
The Client declares having the capacity to conclude the present contract, that is to say to have the legal majority and not to be under guardianship or trusteeship if he is a natural person. If he represents a corporation, have the power to bind the corporation under a customer-supplier distance selling contract.


PLANETELEDS offers on the site all its virtual catalog of products.
The technical sheets presenting the products on the Site do not enter the contractual field. They are just a presentation of the product actually sold. If errors are introduced, in any case the responsibility of PLANETELEDS can not be committed. Only enters the contractual field the product sold.
The characteristics of the Products sold may be modified as part of updates. In which case, the content, links, the number of pages may vary from one version to another, but always respecting the integrity of the proposed product.
In order to allow the Customer to return to his order before definitively validating it, PLANETELEDS has created a four-step order validation system. A first screen allows the Customer to view his order basket (the ordered products); a second screen allows him to select the means of transport; a third screen allows him to choose his method of payment; The last screen allows him to check if the coordinates entered are in conformity and to agree to the present general conditions of sale to then validate the whole.
At the end of these four steps, a purchase order is automatically established by PLANETELEDS, proof of the Customer's order. The Customer will be put in possession of the order form by email and at the express request of the Customer, by fax or postal way.
The order is considered as firm as from the reception by the Customer of the email of PLANETELEDS confirming the definitive recording of the said order, or by putting in possession of the purchase order. This confirmation is valid date of conclusion of the sales contract, and acceptance by the Customer of these general conditions of sale. PLANETELEDS will retain the Customer's complete contact information, as well as the e-mail address that allowed him to place an order and the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect to the Site, as well as any e-mail correspondence that may be required to establish useful evidence. be attached to this command.


Excludes taxes (HT) for the professionals. Excludes taxes (HT) for the professionals. The final price is fixed at the time of the online order, after the application of the possible reductions, for the online products delivered from France to the Customer.

The product is stored in the order, stored and stored securely on the PLANETELEDS.FR server. The price is definite and definitive. After payment of the total price, the Customer will be in possession of a purchase order and it will be stored securely on the PLANETELEDS.FR server.

The Customer located outside of France is invited to inquire about import duties or taxes and may assume responsibility for their declaration and payment. The Customer makes the costs associated with the use of the Internet, and the costs of maintaining the software.


The price of the order is payable by check in Euros, bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card.

For sending payment by check in euros, PLANETELEDS indicates the price, the note to order, and the postal address.
For payment by bank transfer in euros, the Customer may download a Bank Statement (RIB) directly on the Site or request to receive it by any means, in particular and in order of priority: e-mail attachment, fax, postal route. Bank transfer fees on the Customer side are the responsibility of the Customer, including the case of an international transfer.
For secure online payment via PayPal, the Customer is sent to the Paypal. PayPal assumes the security of the transaction as soon as the Client is directed to the server. The order will be validated by PLANETELEDS only when PayPal has given its authorization to the transaction.

PAYPAL Europe, an organization authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom as an issuer of electronic currencies (electronic registration number FSA Paypal is the 226 056).
PayPal uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) online encryption system. This system makes it possible to encrypt, with a key of 40 bits to 256 bits (according to the possibilities of the browser of the Customer), the bank details entered by the Customer.
Warning! SSL, the Customer must use SSL compatible browsers. PLANETELEDS warns the customer that optimal security is provided only by a minimum 128-bit SSL key, and that security also requires proper maintenance of the customer's computer. Maintenance including in a non-exhaustive manner, the application of security updates proposed by the publisher of the software or software used. The Client must also ensure that the security of the security of the client is not compromised.

The site is encrypted from 128 to 256 bits per HTTPS protocol between the site and the customer during the preparation of the order and when sending the data to the PayPal server. Likewise, the response by the Customer follows the same encryption protocol. PLANETELEDS is never put in possession and can not be used for the payment of the customer by PayPal.


In the event of late payment, in accordance with Article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code, an indemnity is calculated on the basis of a sum of 40 euros.
In addition, the customer agrees to pay a penalty in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code, which is equal to 15% of the amount due


Delivery times depend on the type of Service subscribed and the method of payment chosen by the Customer. Delivery only occurs upon receipt of the full payment.

The company PLANETELEDS does not have a shop open on street, but private offices, therefore, the withdrawal of goods can only intervene after the validation of the order online with the option "withdrawal on the spot" chosen. .

Taking possession of the product takes place directly on the PLANETELEDS.FR website. The Customer is invited by e-mail to visit the website and identify himself as a Customer of PLANETELEDS. The products will be delivered in their original packaging.

The delivery will be made the same day if the order is placed before 15pm, if receipt of the total amount of the order and the case of the full availability of the products. In all cases, PLANETELEDS will have 72 hours, working days, to respond to the Customer's request regarding the delivery time.

The Customer in the possession of the products, must report to PLANETELEDS by email, any defective or malfunctioning of the product within 48 business hours after the date of delivery by the carrier below.

In case of malfunction reported by the Customer, PLANETELEDS offers 15 working days to return the product in the same state of packaging and the same quantity of products. At the end of this period, it is a product of the market, which is a product of the product or a product of the product or a product of the customer. In any case, in case of return, whatever the reason, the expenses of return will be charged to the customer.
In the event of special events preventing the delivery of goods, PLANETELEDS is released from any liability.

Several delivery options are possible with the tracking letter distributed without signature, in case of non-distribution, a survey with Laposte will be launched and in case of loss, only the costs of compensation for shipment of the goods. In the case of shipments, the status is indicated "distributed", the status of the order will be considered by PLANETELEDS as delivered. The difference in amount will be charged to the customer. However for deliveries by Colissimo or GLS, PLANETELEDS will be able to send you the order in case of loss. In case of return of incorrect address, the costs of re-shipments will be charged to the customer.

The Customer is also aware of the fact that it is required for the operation of the consumer, and that it must be This address will be used in particular to receive the password that will be assigned to the customer so that it can securely access the PLANETELEDS.FR website for the possession of products ordered and paid. In all cases, PLANETELEDS requires (if possible) a valid and functional telephone number to be able to contact the Customer in case of difficulty of delivery or contact via electronic means.
The Customer is informed that he must do business for the proper functioning of his e-mail, and that PLANETELEDS can not be held responsible for the consequences of the security level PLANETELEDS from contacting him by this means.


You have a period of 15 days from the date of delivery of your order, to your right of withdrawal, and be fully refunded for your order and shipping costs.

The costs of returning the goods are the responsibility of the customer.However, incomplete, worn, damaged or soiled products will be categorically refused. As customer of any other return of goods, please contact PLANETELEDS customer service.

The signature of the delivery note, means the validation of the quantities and the state of the supply of goods. It is the customer's responsibility to do all the checks and if necessary, create a procedure against the carrier.


At the customer's request, a detailed invoice can be issued with VAT.


Electronic products for sale on the PLANETELEDS.FR website are subject to the CE standard and are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of receipt of the order under the following conditions:

Within two years of ordering, a workshop can be made following the exact description of the fault, the environment of the component, the supply voltages ...

The criteria validating a support is the observation of an abnormal wear over time, however, it should be known that the optoelectronic components are not exchanged in the case of poor adaptation of the current resulting from a disintegration of the driver.

Beforehand, the voltage check must be performed and any return on the warranty period may be refused to the customer's descriptions of the environment and power supply techniques.

PLANETELEDS does not manufacture products for sale on PLANETELEDS.FR.

Therefore, according to the law n ° 98-389 of May 19, 1998 in relation to the responsibility of the defective products, in the case of the defective of the product, only the responsibility of the product Manufacturer is implicated.


The material remains the property of the company PLANETELEDS until full payment of the order.

Failure by the customer to pay for any reason whatsoever gives PLANETELEDS the right to require the return of the goods delivered to the expense and risk of the customer. The client undertakes, in the case of a business transaction, to participate actively in the establishment of an inventory of the goods in which PLANETELEDS claims ownership. Otherwise, the company PLANETELEDS has the faculty to have the customer recorded at the customer's expense. The customer is prohibited from reselling, transforming or incorporating the goods of the date of judgment of the judgment of the judicial reorganization or the liquidation of the assets of his Company. PLANETELEDS may prohibit the customer from reselling, processing or incorporating goods in the event of late payment. PLANETELEDS company's writings, it is expressly stipulated that PLANETELEDS in stock at PLANETELEDS in stock at PLANETELEDS the customer's premises, without the need to charge the payments.


The personal data provided by the client is not distributed to third parties, with the exception of the PLANETELEDS company for the security and insurance of payments. In accordance with Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the right to access and rectification. To exercise this right, simply contact PLANETELEDS.


The contractual information is presented in English and the products offered for sale with French regulations. If necessary, it is up to the foreign customer to check with the local authorities the possibilities of using the product he intends to order. PLANETELEDS can not be held liable for non-compliance with the regulations of a foreign country.

All disputes relating to the formation, performance and termination of contractual obligations between the parties to the jurisdiction of the Court of Commerce of Evry, France in which jurisdiction of the PLANETELEDS remains.

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