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How to choose my connected LED bulb?

Posté le oct. 2, 2019 | Catégories: News, Home & Garden, Lightning & Decoration

With the development of connected voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, among others, it is now possible to control your entire house by voice, from turning on your thermostat from a distance, to closing the locks but also filling your fridge! But it is also possible to control your lighting and this is what we will talk about here.

How to choose my connected LED bulb?

1. What is a connected LED bulb ?

2. Why install connected LED bulbs at home ?

3. Which connected LED bulbs shall I choose ?

1. What's a connected LED bulb ?

Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or connected speaker such as Google Home or Alexa, connected LED bulbs enter our homes and can really make a difference!

These new connected LED bulbs bring new features to the lighting of your home. While a little more expensive than a conventional LED bulb, they can however make your life easier in many situations.

The operation of these bulbs is rather simple. You just need a Wi-Fi network and a smartphone and / or a tablet! Each connected device works with an application available on iOS or Android. The connected LED bulb is equipped with a Bluetooth or Wifi device that allows you to connect it to your internet network and synchronize it with all your mobile devices! Then control all these devices with your smartphone or connected speaker. Just say: "Ok Google: Turn on the light in the living room! "/" Alexa: Set the light at 50% ".

2. Why install connected LED bulbs at home?

By installing connected LED bulbs in your home, you will be able to remotely control the switching on and off of all your luminaires. But you can also control the light intensity and / or the color of the lighting! Choose the color temperature according to your moods and your desires. It is also possible according to the chosen bulbs, to program the lighting of your bulb for a gentle awakening, but also to program its extinction!

You will also be able to create lighting scenarios! Light your garden at a certain time and turn it off a bit later, all without worrying about it. This is just as convenient when you go on vacation: lighting up your house from 7pm to 10pm each night can indicate a presence, and keep you safe from burglars...

The applications are multiple and, coupled with many other connected devices, (oven, fridges, shutters, surveillance cameras, ...), you can really enjoy all the benefits of a Smart Home. You will also find on our online sales website connected multi plug sockets, which will allow you to turn on or off all your unconnected devices, simply by connecting them onto it. Handy, isn’t it?

3. Which connected LED bulb shall I choose?

The market for connected LED bulbs offers many models, very little different from unconnected models that can be found. E27, GU10, single-color or RGB bulbs, with the difference that a WiFi device is added to the bulb.

These LED bulbs will still help you save up on your electricity bill thanks to their very low consumption, while providing you with a very good level of lighting. Their lifespan is much more important, and the color output is way better.

It is therefore important to choose your connected LED bulb on the same criteria than a conventional LED bulb: depending on the space to illuminate, the atmosphere you want to give to a particular room, ... For this, it is always important to take into consideration the luminous flux (in lumens) the color temperature (° K), as well as the bulb base, which must be adapted to your original socket!